About Us

About Us

c:card is the quick and easy way to access condoms & lubricant in Edinburgh and the Lothians.

It’s free

bubblesA c:card is a plastic card which is yours to keep and use to collect free condoms and lubricant on the c:card range.

This free service is managed by NHS Lothian and facilitated by partner agencies in a variety of settings – schools, colleges, universities, youth agencies, health settings, and many other places. So it should be easy to find a point that’s close to you.

The first step is to go along to a c:card point to register and get your c:card.

It’s friendly

When you get to your nearest c:card point you will be seen by a trained worker who is commmitted to providing a high quality service which is friendly, welcoming and easy to use. We realise that some people find it difficult, awkward or embarrassing to access sexual health services. That’s why all c:card workers will provide you with an open, welcoming service that treats you with respect.

If it’s not like this please contact us to let us know.

It’s fair

c:card is open for everyone in Edinburgh and the Lothians who are aged 13 or older. There are no upper age limits – no one’s too old to use a c:card.

c:card is a non judgemental service which responds positively to clients sexual health needs. We are an inclusive service which is open to all people – straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgendered. All clients will be treated fairly and respectfully no matter what their gender, sexuality, ethnic origin, age etc.

It’s confidential

Any information you give to a c:card worker will remain private and confidential. This means that even if you are under 16 we won’t tell anyone else that you are using c:card.

It is vital that c:card is trusted as a confidential service. However c:card confidentiality is not absolute.
In situations where the c:card worker believes that a young person under the age of 16 years of age is or has been at risk of harm, workers will not be able to maintain confidentiality and must respond to this as a child protection concern.

For more information about c:card confidentiality and child protection please contact us.

Information on other agencies providing sexual health advice and services can be found on our web links page.