C:Card Direct

C:Card Direct

Aged 16 or older

If you are age 16 or older, you can go to any c:card point – c:card direct or c:card plus.

ccard-directSome c:card plus points that are based within youth agencies may have an upper age limit, but as a service c:card doesn’t have any upper age limit. If in doubt check out the information on ‘find a c:card point’ page.

You don’t need to give your name or address to register for your c:card. All you will be asked for is your date of birth and the first part of your post code – this information is confidential and you can’t be traced from it.

Once you are registered, you will be given a silver c:card card with your own personal number on it – this is your c:card to keep and use again. You will also get a silver information leaflet and a points list showing you where else you can go to use your c:card.

The worker you see will show you all the condoms in the c:card range and help you to make a choice of condoms and lube.

If you would like to talk to a c:card worker in privacy, all c:card plus points have this facility. Other services like pregnancy testing may also be available in c:card plus points.

Once you are registered and have your card it couldn’t be simpler. Just turn up at any c:card point , show your card and collect your condoms for free!

Remember c:card is a confidential service and no information you give will be shared except in cases where there is a child protection concern.

To find your nearest c:card point click here.