C:Card Range

C:Card Range


The Naturelle condom is flared in shape. A flared condom is wider at the top – giving more room around the head of the penis. This can make the condom feel more comfortable and increase stimulation and sensation.




This condom has raised dots and ribs, inside and out, to give extra stimulation to both partners.




Flavoured condoms come in a range of flavours like blueberry, strawberry and mint and can be used for oral sex and other forms of penetrative sex.




Trim is a slightly narrower condom which gives a tighter fit. Many men like a tighter fitting condom and if you ever have trouble with a condom slipping off this would be a good condom to choose.



King Size

King size is a wider and longer condom. It’s worth trying if you feel condoms are tight or if you like a looser fitting condom.





Another flared shape condom with the same benefits as the Naturelle condom but packaged in round foils with various emoji themed smiley designs.





The feel condom is made of thinner latex which provides increased sensation.




range-lubeLight Lube

Light lube is a water based, condom friendly lube. It is thinner than Adore.



range-flavouredFlavoured Lube

Another water based condom friendly lube in 3 exciting flavours.




A thicker consistency water based condom friendly lube.






A non-latex condom for people with latex allergies.



range-femaleFemale Condom

A non-latex condom for women to take control.