Increasing the Effectiveness of Condoms

Increasing the Effectiveness of Condoms

Always check that the condom is within its expiry date. Do not use a condom which is out of date.

Always use condoms which have a British Kite Mark on them. This states that they are of high standard. All c:card condoms have a kite mark on them and can be used for all forms of penetrative sex.

The British Kite Mark looks like this – kitemark

Keep condoms in a cool safe place away from heat and direct sunlight. This prevents them getting damaged.

Condoms are more likely to break if they are in contact with anything oily such as massage or baby oils.

Use a new condom every time you have sex.

Open the condom carefully watching for sharp fingernails and jewellery to avoid tearing the condom. Only open a condom with your fingers and never your teeth to avoid tearing the condom.

To work properly a condom need to be put on an erect penis before penetration and removed as soon after ejaculation as possible, to ensure it does not slip off.

Water based lubricant can make sex more pleasurable and prevent the condom tearing. For more information on lubricant click here.