Putting on a Condom

Putting on a Condom

1. check it
Check the condom box has a BSI kitemark safety symbol and that it’s not past its use by date. Do not try to put the condom on unless the penis is hard.

2. opening
Before you open the wrapper, push the condom down to one end. Then tear open the empty end – do not use your teeth. Remove the condom carefully.

Condoms only roll down one way so make sure it’s the right way round – the rolled up bit should be on the outside of the condom.

3. put it on
Pinch the end of the condom to squeeze out the air.

Keep the end pinched, put the condom over the end of the penis and start to roll the condom down.

4. rolling
Roll the condom right down to the base of the penis.

If it does not roll down, the condom is probably inside-out so start again with a new one.

5. pulling out
After sex, withdraw the penis while holding the condom in place, so it does not slip off.

Do this before the penis goes soft.

6. and finally …..
Slide the condom off the penis and bin it.

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